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10kW House Roof Solar System - SOLARHOME10

10kW House Roof Solar System - SOLARHOME10
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  • Model: SOLARHOME10


Energy Units
Power Generation 10kW

House Type Rooftop Solar Energy System

It is now very easy to generate electricity for your home from the sun.

Rooftop solar energy systems have just started to be implemented locally and are rapidly spreading thanks to incentives and supports. With its 38 years of experience and expert staff, Depar Solar undertakes projects in countries in the Advanced category in much more advanced applications. In order to live in a cleaner world and reduce energy costs, it combines the latest technologies with high engineering and provides your home's electricity from the sun.

We have developed SOLARHOME Home Type Roof Solar Energy Systems to bring you together with completely clean, zero-emission energy, produced by contributing to the future, completely free of charge and without bills.

SOLARHOME10 10 kW Home Type Roof Solar Energy Systems provide renewable energy to the following units for the period specified:

10 Lighting Lamps 6 hours/day

2 TVs 8 hours/day

2 Satellite Receivers 8 hours/day

3 Cell Phone Charges 4 hours/day

1 Piece 210L Large Refrigerator 24 hours/day

1 Notebook 4 hours/day

1 Washing Machine 2 hours/week

1 Dishwasher 4 hours/week

1 Iron 30 minutes/day

1 Vacuum Cleaner 30 minutes/day


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