Do Solar Energy Systems Work in Winter?

If the solar panel and batteries do not fail, solar-powered systems will also work in winter as long as they receive sufficient daylight. The important thing here is the location of the panels and the features of the system you have made. The main difference between winter and summer months is the shortening of the time between sunrise and sunset. Especially in the first installation of your system, it will be advantageous for you to have it done in places that do not receive shadows, considering the winter months. This factor is not very important for the summer months, but it is very important to pay attention as you will have the system installed once. Solar panels use energy from daylight, not direct sunlight. So even on a cloudy and rainy day, your panels will continue to work. However, we would like to point out that the efficiency of the panels may decrease slightly in cloudy weather. Energy production may also decrease during periods of snowfall in winter. But when the snow stops, everything turns white. Here we need to know that white color is the most ideal color for the reflection of rays. When the snowfall is over, if the sun shows itself, the rays are reflected. Thanks to these rays, your solar panels store those rays and begin to produce energy.
In Turkish conditions, it is aimed to set the panels to 90 degrees to the sun. In winter, you can raise this angle to 55-60 degrees. For summer months, it can be adjusted up to 10-20 degrees. However, if there is no situation where angle changes can be made, between 35 and 45 degrees is considered ideal. If you plan to use your solar energy systems to illuminate your path, we recommend combining them with motion sensor lights. This is because the lights work when they detect motion. This will help you not to waste power constantly and use the stored power more time.
Solar energy systems are a system that can be used in every region of Turkey. Almost every day the sun shows its face to us. They can produce energy even on days when it doesn't show. Therefore, you can use this system in any place (in your apartment, garden, workplace, etc.) where its suitability is approved after the discovery. Choosing solar energy systems, which is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source, will be a great option for you, our dear readers.
Finally, solar energy systems are one of the most beautiful and special things we can do for our future generations, as they do not cause pollution, do not harm nature and are the cleanest energy source for the world we live in. CLEAN NATURE, CLEAN AIR, AND A CLEAN FUTURE ARE THE RIGHTS OF ALL OF US.
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