How Long Do Solar Panels Last?
The first question that comes to mind of those who will have solar energy installations is how long these panels will last. Solar panels can last between 25 and 30 years when maintenance and repair are done very meticulously and properly. However, at the end of this period, your panels will not stop producing electricity. There will only be a decrease in the energy production amount of the panels. The deterioration rates in these systems vary not only according to the brand used, but also depending on the climate of the place where they are installed. Therefore, it would not be very accurate to give an exact year range.

With the developing technologies, solar panels have started to become much safer. However, after installation, they definitely need proper care and cleaning in order to be truly productive and to remain in as healthy a condition as possible. If your panels are not exposed to wind, debris or other natural disasters and are not physically damaged, they can last for the guaranteed periods.

Since solar panels will be on roofs, fields, that is, in open areas, they are unavoidably affected by all negative conditions. Therefore, maintenance, repair and cleaning is very important for your panels. To extend the life of your panels, you should first work with a reliable solar system supplier. You should have a supplier that you trust in its quality, name and other work. It is also very important for this supplier to provide installation and maintenance services starting from the projecting stage.

Second, when your solar panels are cleaned of leaves, dirt, pollen, twigs, dust and bird droppings, they produce the highest amount of energy possible. Therefore, your panels should be cleaned periodically by professional teams. In addition, if there are any problems such as breakage or cracking during cleaning, these should be immediately contacted with the supplier and corrected as soon as possible.

Another important issue is routine maintenance. In order to get enough efficiency from your panels, routine maintenance should be done without interruption. It will always be to your advantage that all parts can work at the maximum level.

Finally, we can say that in order to obtain maximum efficiency from your solar panels for years, they must be carefully maintained and cleaned. However, in this way, you can make use of your panels as you wish.