Is the Roof of Your Industrial Area Suitable for Solar Energy?

Today, the use of solar energy and electricity has become very common all over the world. Rooftop SPP applications are also gaining a great place in industrial areas. There are some situations for those who have solar energy in order to reduce the electricity costs that have increased recently. For example, roofing, roof bearing and building age are important factors.

The most important elements in the roof to be made of solar energy are the roof directions and the roof slope. On standard angled roofs, the north and south angles are not a problem. However, for roofs with a slope of more than 16 degrees, you should definitely get consultancy from a company that is an expert in this business. In such cases, it may be more accurate to install solar energy on the south side of the roof. On flat concretes, gravel roofs and membrane floors, the panels should be placed facing east-west and at 13-degree angles.

Before starting the project, it is necessary to obtain permission from the official authorities in order to ensure that your business goes well and you do not experience any problems. Documents, reports (static report) etc. to be requested from you. Things must be prepared and presented. According to your static inspection report, it will determine the suitability of your roof and roof coverings to install this system. If you want your roof to be suitable for solar energy, you must use suitable transports during installation. The strength and types of the carriers of the roof to be installed are very important in terms of safety. Prefabricated, concrete and steel transports are the most common types of roof transport.

The type and method of coating for the roof to be installed are very important elements and they are of vital importance. The reason why it is of vital importance is that the system will be mounted on these coatings and transports. After the installation of this system, which will remain fixed on the roof for many years, the roof should not require a serious renovation. If a very serious renovation is required, the system may need to be completely disassembled, the roof repaired, and then the system must be reinstalled. Common materials used in roofing include sandwich panel, trapezoidal sheet and membrane coating.

If there are tall buildings and tall trees that can create shadows around the system to be built, it poses a huge problem in terms of efficiency. In addition, if there are chimneys, air conditioner motors and ventilation motors on the roof, they can shade and these are factors that will negatively affect efficiency. The smoke and steam coming out of the chimneys adversely affect the efficiency. All of these factors should be taken into consideration before the installation and the installation should be done by calculating the least loss of efficiency.