Mobile light towers are indispensable equipment in construction projects. Having light towers on construction sites provides benefits in terms of both health and safety. Here's an explanation of what light towers are, why they're important, and what a difference they make for construction sites and construction sites.

What is a Mobile Light Tower?

A mobile light tower is exactly what its name suggests: a tower with large lights or bulbs attached to its top, which can be easily relocated as needed. They are primarily used outdoors to provide a light source in dark or dim areas. They are used all year round, although they are more popular during the winter months when the daylight is shorter.

Choosing the Right Light Tower for Your Project

There are a few things to consider when choosing a light tower for your project.

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is important for projects with longer deadlines. If you want to reduce fuel consumption, you can get additional fuel tanks for light towers. It is possible to get electrically powered light towers, but light towers that run on a standalone generator and consume fuel are much more common.

Different Lamp Types

Lamp types can vary between metal halide or LED lamps. Metal halide lamps are cheaper in terms of initial cost but may use more power to keep working in the long run. It also takes up to 5 minutes after powering up for them to reach their full brightness level.

LED lamps are much less costly to run but more expensive to purchase. They are generally brighter and can withstand extreme weather conditions longer, such as rain, snow or wind. They are more popular for light towers because they do not delay in reaching their brightness and can provide a more intense and stable light to illuminate certain areas of a job site.

Light Tower Size and Where Lighting is Needed

Size and setup are two other incredibly important factors when choosing a mobile light tower for your project. You may request more than one tower depending on the size of the project. You should also consider where you want to light and how big a generator needs to run. This can affect your planning when it comes to installing light towers for your project.

Benefits of Having a Light Tower on the Construction Site

Having lights on a construction site has many health and safety benefits.

Increase Safety for Operating Machines and Tools

The essence of construction is to use machines and tools to build things. When it comes to operating machinery, security depends on visibility. It is incredibly important to have enough light to see not only what you are doing, but also what others around you are doing.

Making Employees Visible to Other People

Making workers visible to other people such as drivers, especially on construction projects on roads and highways, can save a life. The light towers not only help drivers see workers on the move, but also indicate that there is a construction project in progress before they arrive at the construction site at night. Community awareness plays a huge role in safety, especially when it comes to roadworks.

Delivering Projects on Time and Keeping Expenses Within Budget

Relying on the sun as the sole light source can cause delays in large projects. The winter season has shorter days, so it can significantly reduce the amount of work that can be done in a day on a project. In the summer, cloudy days can make work areas dimmer than safe. Having a stable and reliable light source can ensure you deliver your projects on time and keep your expenses within budget.

Reduce Theft, Vandalism in Projects

Theft and vandalism happen at construction sites and on construction sites much more than they should. Having lights that illuminate a construction site at night or during off hours can deter potential vandals or thieves. They can also increase the visibility of any surveillance or video recording being made. Most thieves will hold back from committing a potential theft if the chance of being seen or caught is higher than by fleeing.

If you need a Mobile Light tower, call the Depar Energy team and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right type and size mobile light tower for your project, from selection to installation.