Performance Ratio in Solar Energy Systems
Based on the installation of solar power plants, the first 25-30 years are the years when the highest efficiency will be achieved. This period of time may vary and may be less or more years. If the recently developed operation and maintenance techniques are applied correctly and in place, the rate of energy produced can be increased. This concept called performance ratio is too important to be ignored in photovoltaic panels. SPP performance ratio is the ratio of the generated power to the reference power and depends on many factors. These factors include various factors such as design, environmental conditions, quality of the material used and it is a very important analysis data. It is very important for investors, installation and maintenance companies to take these into account. We can call the concept that reveals the quality of solar power plants the SPP performance ratio. The higher this ratio is kept within the scope of the power plant, the income from the power plant will increase in direct proportion. The main data considered when designing SPP projects are pricing and performance ratio. Therefore, practitioners should pay attention to the balance of these two data in the installation project design.

The biggest factors affecting the performance ratio in solar energy systems are physical factors such as shading, dusting, reflection, radiation, temperature, inverter losses and cable losses. These factors reduce the energy produced by solar power plants in theory to 75-76 percent. You should not see the percentage losses as small, the 25-26 percent loss in between is a very large loss for a system. In solar power plants where you can make big gains, the effects of these losses will be obvious in the long run. Here, the institutions or organizations that will come into play here are the institutions or organizations that you have this system built. The operation and maintenance and R&D departments of the institution or organization you do business with should ensure that the performance ratio is maximized to the highest possible level through various data analysis, SPP monitoring systems and field applications.

Solar panels, like other systems, wear out, deteriorate, deteriorate, may be damaged or lose efficiency due to various other reasons. In order to increase the performance rate of the panels of your solar power plant; working with a trusted company in the sector will always be the right choice for you. You can minimize problems such as panel installation errors, inverter installation errors, grounding errors, wiring errors, incorrect installation of the carrier system during the installation of solar panels by choosing a company with experienced and reliable installation teams. At the same time, the company you choose must be very good in terms of operation and maintenance service. The importance of maintenance in solar energy systems is a very important issue. Periodic and quality maintenance directly affects the performance of solar power plants. The maintenance part is divided into two;

-Preventive Maintenance; It is the maintenance that provides and supervises the maintenance of the elements that may cause malfunctions, periodic inspection of the power plant, general cleaning of the panels and other equipment in the power plant (inverter, transformer, etc.).

-Corrective Maintenance; is the maintenance that ensures that the energy loss is kept at the minimum level as much as possible by instantly monitoring the instant failures that occur in the power plants with the help of various systems and correcting them quickly.