Roof Solar Energy System Design
The first important step for GES design on roofs is the discovery of the place to be installed. Static and electrical infrastructure should be examined in detail while exploring. The obtained information is very important for system design. You can read the information about why the discovery should be made and the importance of the discovery in detail from our previous article.

Roof Structure
The first thing that needs to be done on the roof is whether the coating and carriers need reinforcement or renewal. If there is a process that needs to be done on the roof, it should be done before the system is installed. If a renovation will be made on your roof, you should turn to roof compatible panels. Roof covering is sandwich panel, trapezoidal sheet, membrane etc. it could be. If your roof is covered with membranes, there is an important issue here is to know what the insulation material under your room coating is.
If there is a problem in the bearing capacity of your roof, an engineering firm should be contacted for a static examination. The structure of the roof is an important factor in the mounting part of the panels.

Roof Slope and Direction Information
The slope and direction information of your roof is very important for the design. In terms of efficiency, it is the most efficient option to have your roof sloped in one direction and to the south. On roofs with one-sided or two-sided slopes, the panels can be placed zero on the roof. The degree of slope is very important for roofs that slope to the north. If the efficiency drops too much in the analyzes to be made, the panels should be placed at an angle according to the analysis result.
On concrete or membrane roofs, the panels should be placed at an angle and in one direction, facing south if possible. In applications to be made in one direction and at an angle, attention should be paid to the shading gap.


Factors Affecting Roof Efficiency
Elements that can shade on the roof are elements such as chimney, parapet and air conditioning unit. Also near your roof is that taller buildings or roofs can provide shading. If these factors are shading your roof, it is possible that you will experience loss of efficiency, and this should be solved before placing the panels in the design of the system and appropriate action should be taken.
The heat from the chimneys or vents may cause the panels to heat up and system losses. These elements should be taken into account during the placement of the panels and a settlement should be made accordingly. If there is a soot on your roof caused by the chimney, care should be taken during panel placement because the efficiency of the panels may decrease due to this.
Pollination is one of the most important factors affecting yield. If there are factors that will increase dusting around the roof, the frequency of panel washing should be adjusted accordingly after the system is installed.

Transformer and Distribution Board Information
If there is a transformer belonging to your own system, the transformer label and the switch values ​​of the main distribution panel must be known, because it must be decided where the system will be connected. If you do not have a panel and you are going to connect to the transformer of the electricity distribution company, the power of the transformer you are connected to should be known and it should be decided where to make the connection. If the switch value remains low, switch replacement or an additional connection panel should be made.
The most suitable place should be chosen for the inverters and the panel of the system. This step is important in determining the cable quantity to be used. You should prefer to put it in a cool and sun-free place as much as possible.

Contract power should be limited in the system. If your roof area is above the contract power, you can increase the transformer capacity and increase the power.

According to the specified design elements and the results of the exploration, the system to be built on your roof is drawn in computer programs and presented to you. Solar energy systems are a very long-term investment tool.