Solar Energy Systems Pollination Losses

Solar energy is growing rapidly around the world and this growth is expected to increase further in the coming years. The reason for this rapid growth is that solar energy systems are seen as a reliable investment tool together with technological developments. It is essential to maximize the efficiency and profit margin of solar electricity generation through reliable monitoring of system data, as well as appropriate operating cost and maintenance activities. One of the biggest losses in solar energy systems is dusting losses due to dusty environment and climatic conditions. Therefore, GES cleaning is of great importance.
Pollination losses affect different degrees in each region. The geographical features of the place where the SPP is installed, seasonal changes, weather conditions and environmental factors are all part of these effects. In addition, air pollution is an important factor for dust loss. Systems established close to agricultural areas reduce energy efficiency, especially during harvest periods. Of course, we should also mention that losses will decrease outside the harvest period.
If solar energy systems are installed close to industrial areas, there may still be losses in efficiency. There is a lot of pollution and dust in these areas. This means that there are losses in terms of efficiency. Humidity has a great influence on dusting losses. As the humidity in the air rises, the probability of dust particles sticking to the panels will increase, and these dust particles may remain on the panel, even in windy weather. This again means loss of efficiency for you.
The issue of dusting, which has a great effect on solar energy systems, can cause a lot of financial loss for you. The frequency of GES cleaning periods should be monitored and determined according to the place where the system is installed and physical conditions and should never be neglected. Timely cleaning without reducing energy efficiency will provide you and your business with maximum profit.


Solar Panel Pollution Causes
-Lime traces caused by improper cleaning. (Carrying should not be cleaned with water)
-Using inappropriate equipment and wrong chemicals. (Breaking and cracking may occur)
-Excretion from trees.
-Bird and pest droppings.
-Dust and exhaust gases from highways and railways.
-Salt and ammonia sticking in facilities close to the sea.

Dust, soil, soot, animal droppings, leaf and water stains accumulate on panels that are not cleaned. This causes a layer of dirt on the panels, and if cleaning is not done, the sun hardens these layers even more. As a result, the life of the panels may be shortened.

Just having the system does not make you profit, cleaning is a very important issue in solar energy systems and this issue should not be ignored in any way.