The Subject of Cleaning in Solar Energy Systems
Solar energy systems are systems that are produced very durable due to the areas in which they are used. Long-term warranties can be given by the manufacturers. However, even if it does not require much maintenance, proper maintenance and cleaning when necessary can extend the service life of these systems in order to ensure the correct and efficient operation of the system. You can also avoid losing productivity.

Dust, dirt, snow, traces of rain or bird droppings can accumulate on this system, which generates energy by absorbing the sun's rays coming to your solar panels. Such situations can prevent solar panels from absorbing sunlight completely and reduce efficient energy intake. The National Energy Laboratory has stated that the efficiency loss of dirty solar panels can reach 20% or even 25%. This rate is very high and the cleaning of the panels is very important.

It is essential for good power generation that the panels are clean and properly maintained. In addition, in systems used for hot water production, algae, lime and sedimentation can be encountered frequently due to the combination of water and heat. In old system tube models, calcification may occur inside the water tank and tubes. As a result of calcification, inefficiency can be seen in the system.

There is no time perception for the cleaning of solar energy systems. The important thing here is the geographic location of your system. Depending on dust, precipitation and other environmental factors, cleaning may be required once, twice or even three times a year.


How Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?
There are two options for panel cleaning. First, you can clean your system yourself, and second, you can hire a professional cleaning company to have it cleaned. If the solar energy system is on the roof (usually on the roof), the first thing to consider during cleaning is your life safety. You should take all your precautions and start that way.

As much as possible, do the cleaning in the morning or evening hours when the sun's rays are not perpendicular. If you are going to do the cleaning yourself, learn cleaning tips from your solar generator and do your cleaning accordingly.

The issue of cleaning in solar tube water heaters is a little different. Just like honeycombs, water constantly circulates in the tubes. This water causes deposits such as algae and lime over time. Due to the temperature, lime deposits will increase over time. If this limescale is not cleaned in time, the solar energy tubes will start to work inefficiently.

The use of ionized pure water is very important in cleaning solar panels. In order to obtain this water, equipment that requires expertise is used and it is a high quality water.

So, what are the benefits if solar panel cleaning is done using ionized water;
-Does not leave residue on panel surfaces. This ensures good absorption of sunlight.
-Water conductivity is low and exposure to high voltages during cleaning is less likely.
-It does not feed plants and grass like normal water, so it does not develop formations that can shade around the panel. (Flower, plant, tree, etc.)
-It keeps the panels clean for a long time. It prevents external effects such as dust and pollen from adhering to the panels.
- Regularly cleaned panels work more efficiently. (Efficiency can increase up to 25%.) In addition, they do not corrode and have a longer life.

If the GES cleaning is not done professionally, there will be a decrease in energy production. In addition, serious damage may occur on the panels. Damages that may occur will show themselves over time, which will negatively affect your productivity.

Incorrect applications can scratch your panels and also cause chemical reactions on the glass and frames. Well water should never be used for cleaning. Well water creates external layers on the panels, these layers begin to be seen over time and prevent sunlight from passing through. This both causes loss of efficiency and becomes very difficult to clean over time.

You can clean the panels with your own means, but you should also consider these risks that may occur on the panels. Instead of working with a cleaning team after the panels are damaged, you should prefer to work with a professional team from the very beginning to ensure your work. An inefficient and costly facility will do you harm, not benefit.

If solar energy systems are not cleaned periodically and left dirty for a long time, it is impossible for electricity production to reach 100% after the final cleaning.