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13m Street and Road Lighting Pole - SAD13001

13m Street and Road Lighting Pole - SAD13001
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  • Model: SAD13001


Body Properties
Height(m) 12,5 Meter
Top Diameter(mm) 60
Bottom Diameter(mm) 245
Wall Thickness(mm) 3
Galvanized Hot Dip
Base Plate
Dimensions(mm) 400x400x14
Anchor Bolt
Quantity-Type 4 - M20
Size(mm) 600
Foundation Dimensions
Foundation Dimensions(Po=1) 1000x1000x1000
Vertical Strain(n) 969,25
Wind Speed(km/h) 100

Depar Energy
13M Type 1 Street and Road Lighting Pole - SAD13001

The 19th century was an exciting time to live in, thanks to rapid urbanization fueled by the industrial revolution. In 1878, the first electric street lamps were installed in Paris, and since then street and street lamp post applications have become a common feature in almost all cities in the world. Today, street and street lighting poles illuminate our streets, along with energy-efficient LEDs to enhance their functionality.

Mast Heights: 3 m - 15 m

Type : Single sheet polygon up to 12m, additional extension after 12m

Materials : St 37 - S235JR - EN 10025

Ground Fixing : Ground Flange for easy fixing

Surface Protection : Hot Dip Galvanized EN ISO 1416

Surface Coating: Electrostatic Powder Coating (Optional)

Bolt/Nut : ISO 898.1/5.8

Usage areas

⦁ Streets and Roads

⦁ Intercity / Interstate Highways

⦁ Parking lots

⦁ Airports

⦁ Ports

⦁ Highways

⦁ Parks and Gardens

⦁ Walking Path / Running Tracks

⦁ Construction and Mining Sites

⦁ Squares / Agora

⦁ Industrial areas

⦁ Sports Fields

⦁ Arenas

⦁ Open Campus / Recreation Areas

⦁ Military District

⦁ Junctions

⦁ Intra-Site Compound Sites

⦁ Wildlife Zones

Featured Topics in Street and Street Lighting Poles Application

Height of the poles to be used in the lighting pole project to be applied

The street lighting pole must be at the correct height to ensure the appropriate lighting intensity. In most cases, street post heights range from 3 to 15 meters. Ideally, a lighting pole should provide enough light without excessive glare.

Lighting consistency and installation intervals

Along with helping to fight crime, lampposts are meant to illuminate the road for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and keep them safe. However, if an area is well lit and the adjacent area is pitch dark, it can cause accidents as it takes some time for the eyes to adjust. In order to avoid such problems, lighting poles should be designed and placed at regular intervals.

Environment to be implemented

It is necessary to pay attention to the area where street and street lighting poles are applied. For example, in a coastal area, the poles are susceptible to corrosion from salt water. Therefore, you need poles with special coatings and special materials.

Light distribution

Although a street can be well lit by lampposts, there are factors such as trees or tall buildings that can create dark spots. It is very important to consider such features when designing how the lighting poles will be placed.

It is important to work with competent and proven companies without leaving the job to chance on a very important issue such as lighting, where human life is in question. You can contact us to discuss your outdoor and road lighting needs and to get solution suggestions.

⦁ The flexural strength of the material is >=235n/mm² for Q235, S235 and SS400, and the minimum flexural strength is >=345n/mm² for Q345 S355 and Gr 50.

⦁ The pole shape can be Polygon, Round, Conical Octagon, Conical round, Round conical, Conical Square, Square shapes.

⦁ Arm type It can be produced as Single arm, Double arm, Three arm, Four arm shapes.

⦁ 42mm, 48mm, 60mm, 76mm etc. It can fit any lamp of any diameter.

⦁ Advanced CNC welding equipment. The defect test has been applied, and the shape of the weld is beautified thanks to the internal and external double welding. International welding standards are applied.

⦁ Hot dip galvanizing application with an average thickness of 80-100µm in accordance with Turkish TSE standards or European standards.

⦁ The pole color can be dyed according to the color card or according to the customer's needs.

⦁ Hot dip galvanizing can be done with powder paint.

⦁ Wind pressure resistance level from 100Km/h and 105Km/h, matching customer design.

⦁ The base plate is square, octagonal or round in size, with slotted holes drilled for the anchor bolt and according to customer's requirement.

⦁ Underground recessed installation in length according to customer's requirement.

⦁ Quality control was carried out according to ISO9001-2008 requirements.

⦁ Less land occupation and easy maintenance.

Depar Energy manufactures at the highest standards in accordance with TSE Turkish Standardization and European Standards. Our lighting poles can be mounted as anchor fixing or as fixing to the ground.

Click here to download SAD Series Lighting Pole Datasheet

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