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6m Solar Lighting Pole - STD6

6m Solar Lighting Pole - STD6
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  • Model: STD6
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Body Properties
Height(m) 6 Meter
Wall Thickness(mm) 3 mm
Galvanized Hot Dip
Wind Speed(km/h) 115

Depar Energy
6m Solar Lighting Pole - STD6

Our solar powered lighting poles, which are used to illuminate areas such as factories, gas stations, gardens, highways, intersections, parking lots, airports, city squares, sports fields, stadiums, open areas, and so on, are produced at the desired height according to customer demand. Solar powered lighting poles are produced in one piece up to 12 meters, while poles higher than 12 meters consist of polygonal modules that are assembled with the interlocking method. Solar powered lighting poles have a basic circular base flange suitable for anchored foundation mounting, the dimensions of which vary according to height.

One-way or two-way lighting is applied on the poles. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control processes with maximum smooth finishing and high quality raw material. According to TS EN 914 - ISO 161 standards, long-lasting hot-dip galvanization is applied to solar lighting poles against corrosion. If desired, paint can be applied on galvanization.

Mast Heights: 5 m - 12 m

Materials: S235JR - EN 10025

Sheet Thickness: 3mm - 5mm

Surface Protection : Hot Dip Galvanized EN ISO 1416

Surface Coating: Electrostatic Powder Coating (Optional)


⦁ The flexural strength of the material is >=235n/mm² for Q235, S235 and SS400, and the minimum flexural strength is >=345n/mm² for Q345 S355 and Gr 50.

⦁ The pole shape can be Polygon, Round, Conical Octagon, Conical round, Round conical, Conical Square, Square shapes.

⦁ Advanced CNC welding equipment. Defect test has been applied, and the shape of the weld is beautified thanks to the internal and external double welding. International welding standards are applied.

⦁ Hot dip galvanizing application with an average thickness of 80-100µm in accordance with Turkish TSE standards or European standards.

⦁ The pole color can be dyed according to the color card or according to the customer's needs.

⦁ Hot dip galvanizing can be done with powder paint.

⦁ Wind pressure resistance level from 120Km/h to 130Km/h and matching customer design.

⦁ The base plate is square, octagonal or round in size, with slotted holes drilled for the anchor bolt and according to customer's requirement.

⦁ Underground recessed installation in length according to customer's requirement.

⦁ Quality control was carried out according to ISO9001-2008 requirements.

Depar Energy manufactures at the highest standards in accordance with TSE Turkish Standardization and European Standards. Our lighting poles can be mounted in the form of anchor fixing or fixing to the ground.

Download Depar Energy Solar Lighting Pole DataSheet

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