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Trussed Tents

Trussed Tents
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  • Model: CDR-3

We can list the advantages of Trussed Tents as follows;

It is suitable for use on weak floors due to its lightness in terms of earthquake safety. In addition, economic recycling, high material strength and elasticity, formation of large openings, architectural freedom, fast production and assembly process, reduction of infrastructure costs, etc. There are many more advantages that can be counted. In industrial buildings, wide openings are included in the column-free installation. It has the chance to be installed without carrier columns. Tents built in this way both reduce the cost and allow the structure to be used in a more aesthetic way.

The way of manufacturing and assembling steel structural elements protects your tent from weather conditions. Your employees who will work in it provide the opportunity to work and assemble at every point of the tent where it can be used appropriately.

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