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Depar Group Difference in Airport Lighting

Depar Group - Soli Lighting specializes in Airport Lighting and is the market leader in high mast lighting design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Depar Group- Soli Lighting works closely with many major facilities, including the US Army, NATO, UN, and undertakes contracts at airports, ports and military bases around the world.
Our High Masts and fixtures are available in the toughest climatic conditions, from typhoon winds in Africa to the high temperatures of the Middle East summer.

As a company, we take care of our customers from the first consultation to assembly, final controls and then the follow-up and maintenance of your poles and lighting poles and your products. Our dedicated Contract Services Division can manage your projects in Europe, Africa and the World. To achieve this, we recognize the need to establish honest relationships with our customers, offer products at affordable prices, and support our customers in lighting, use and maintenance of our equipment, and replacement of parts when needed. In all these matters, we contribute to a level of support unmatched in the lighting industry.

To make sure that our customers are providing the quality and support they need, we produce products that meet the technical performance of the customer and are also suitable for the environment in which they will be placed. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the product you need, then our staff will be with you with their knowledge and experience to ensure that performance and durability are not compromised by our customers.


Depar Energy offers a turnkey package to customers in need. We will design the lighting plan, check that all equipment to be supplied conforms to specifications, design and arrange the installation of foundations, design and install the electrical supply, manufacture the high masts and luminaires, deliver the equipment, install the equipment, and commission and test the equipment to confirm that the specification has been met.
Depar Energy offers an innovative and energy-saving solution for HID illuminated areas and highway lighting projects with its LED products. We design, supply and install LED upgrade packages suitable for existing projects to reduce energy and cost.
Our High Masts offer ease of maintenance with a simple and effective winch system that allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for lamp maintenance. Depar Enerji believes that Health, Safety and Environment are very important throughout the operations performed by our teams. All of our activities are carefully evaluated by fully qualified managers and auditors using risk assessments and method statements.

Depar Energy operates an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001: 2004 requirements for testing and manufacturing, management of installation works, inspection and maintenance of exterior lighting. The system aims to recognize and reduce the impact on the environment.
High masts, whether made by Depar Enerji or other manufacturers, are important pieces of equipment and with proper maintenance, designs and products outlast their lifetimes. Depar Enerji can check the structural strength of any High Mast to confirm that they will be safe for long-term use.
It would seem too old-fashioned to a modern engineer to install projectors at the end of the design life of a high mast. Depar Energy offers a refurbishment service to bring old poles up to date by installing new more energy efficient fixtures for installation, checking and renewing or replacing the projector ring, head frame, ropes, electrical cables and winches.
By implementing a structured maintenance program with Depar Energy, you can ensure compliance with all existing laws and extend the life of your equipment.
Depar Energy's maintenance engineers are highly qualified and trained and are subject to a continuous training and development program.
Outside of Turkey, we can train your local engineers to maintain our tall lighting poles so that the products are safe and deliver their full potential throughout the lighting design life.


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