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ELIT1000D SERIES 1000W Solar Light Tower Diesel Powered

ELIT1000D SERIES 1000W Solar Light Tower Diesel Powered
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  • Model: ELIT1000D
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Height (Meter) 8 Meter
Sheet Thickness 5 cm

Solar Mobile Light Tower
ELIT Series
Model No: ELİT1000D

Depar Solar's innovative ELIT Series Mobile Solar Light Tower provides efficient, high performance, providing users with good lighting, while increasing the sustainability of work sites, contributing to environmental awareness thanks to zero CO2 emissions, and complying with noise regulations.

In cases where the energy demand is higher than the solar energy efficiency, for example during the winter months, the tower is equipped to be charged with any external electricity grid or optionally mounted 500W wind turbine with hybrid charge thanks to energy storage systems with Depar Energie Deep Cycle Batteries.

Depar Solar ELİT Series Mobile Solar Light Towers are equipped with LED lighting fixtures with the quality and homogeneity of Soli Lighting, with almost no CO2 emission and noise, and with the uninterrupted lighting capability that can complete the 72-hour working period* when necessary, users can easily carry out their work.

As Depar Solar, we are dedicated to providing sustainable values. We create customer-focused solutions without compromising the future to extend the life cycle and reduce environmental impact, and this ELIT series mobile solar light tower is a great example of that.

*72 hours operation at full charge for 4 x 80W LED Lighting fixtures
56 hours of operation at full charge for 4 x 100W LED Lighting fixtures
48 hours operation at full charge for 4 x 120W LED Lighting fixtures

Click to download ELİT1000D datasheet

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