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Light Tower

You probably value being able to actually see what you're working on. The light towers that provide this in the best way are not only for convenience, but also an important safety measure in construction sites. Light towers are an essential part of any construction site. They enable employees to complete their projects with maximum visibility so they can do their jobs safely. Especially for outdoor projects, it is necessary to have a reliable and foolproof piece of equipment to help finish a project with ease. Improper lighting conditions will not only hinder the pace of the project, but can potentially cause fatal injuries to workers.
When you need a light tower, it's critical to consider whether it will run on solar or fossil fuels, how many your workspace needs, where to place it for proper lighting, and the adequacy of the light power. Light towers offer a number of key benefits that make them an essential piece of equipment to have on construction sites. Above all, a light tower provides powerful lighting that allows workers to continue working after the sun goes down. This is a huge advantage in terms of running a business efficiently because employees will not have to stop work when it gets dark. Therefore, the workday is lengthened, project timelines are shortened, and customer expectations are kept realistic. This first point is especially important during the winter months. Consider how different times the sun sets in the summer compared to the colder seasons. In most regions, stopping work when the sun goes down can cut your work for a few hours during the winter months. Light towers have a wide variety of uses. Many different types of jobs and construction sites need them for practicality and safety reasons. Acquiring a light tower is useful even during the day as it allows workers to complete their tasks with greater precision and accuracy. They're also great at guarding jobsites overnight with no workers on site. A poorly lit construction site can quickly become the target of vandalism, theft or a host of other criminal activities. Well-lit construction sites will not only deter criminals but also potentially provide an additional element of safety for pedestrians. If sites are located near public roads or sidewalks, nighttime lighting will help people cross the site safely, whether they are traveling on foot or by car.

Choose the Right Light Tower

The most common types of light towers adopted by construction sites are typically as heavy trailers or as portable small car-like machines. Heavy trailers are powered by large engines, providing more power and coverage than lighter ones, but their weight and size make them better suited to withstand harsh environments where they won't need frequent transportation and relocation. However, towers with smaller, car-like bases are powered by lighter solar cells, meaning they are much better for small construction sites with constant changes in layout.

How Much Lighting Is Required?

If light does not cover an entire construction site, the progress of projects will be slowed down due to transportation delays in the absence of light, ineffective execution of tasks due to darkness, and accidents in work that requires attention. For this reason, project managers should always calculate the amount of light needed by the job site and also take into account rapidly changing weather conditions that affect visibility. For example, afternoon rain can also cause light towers to be needed earlier than usual to ensure the area is adequately lit.

Positioning Light Towers

The safety of workers on site is extremely important to project managers. Placing light towers in the right places on the field ensures that all areas are lit while keeping everyone safe. A flat and stable surface is essential for determining the correct location for a light tower. If a tower is installed on unstable ground, the safety of workers will be compromised due to the risk of falling. Power lines and trees can also reduce the effectiveness of a light tower and cause safety issues.

Do Regular Maintenance

Light towers with diesel or gasoline powered internal combustion engines will require regular air and fuel filter checks. The most important part of a light tower is its bulbs and lighting system. Halogen lamps will need to be replaced more often than LED lamps as they burn out as a result of continuous operation at high temperatures. By choosing light towers with LED lamps, you will save both time and money in the regular maintenance of your light tower. Choose LED bulbs if your application requires long hours of use. If your application requires little time, choose halogen bulbs. You may have to pay a higher upfront cost to purchase an LED light tower compared to a halogen bulb light tower. However, choosing a light tower according to the aforementioned working conditions can keep maybe 3 times of this extra cost in your pocket with a halogen lamp.


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