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Highway Guardrail and Barrier Systems - DEOBS-27

Highway Guardrail and Barrier Systems - DEOBS-27
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Guardrail and Barrier Systems - DEOBS-27

"Your safety is our priority."

Guardrail and barrier systems provide protection to protect drivers from dangers near the side of the road being traveled and to keep vehicles on the road in case of an undesired accident.

The uniform high resistance of our guardrails against impact is ensured by the continuous flexible beam movement. This minimizes risk in dangerous moments and at the same time minimizes damage to the vehicle and its occupants. The high visibility of the guardrail reassures the driver. This is an abstract but extremely important factor. At night or in fog conditions, the excellent visibility of the guardrails highlights the limit of safe travel.

Our range of highway guardrails and safety barriers gives road users confidence with a variety of certifications approved for use on all continental roads.

Depar Energy guardrail and barrier systems are produced as hot-dip galvanized, and their manufacturing and assembly is applied by our engineers and experienced team.

Steel Guardrail Types

- Simple guardrail

- Distance guardrail

- Double distance guardrail

- Rope guardrail

Mounting Options

- Plate Guardrail

- Flashing Guardrail

Strut Distances

- 1.33 meters vertical spacing

- 2 meters vertical spacing

- 4 meters vertical spacing

Click to download DEOBS-27 Guardrail and Barrier System Data Sheet

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