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Mobile Solar Light Towers

Mobile Solar Light Tower

Depar Enerji Mobile Solar Light Tower is manufactured in-house in various configurations to meet your specific lighting and operating profile requirements. As the Mobile Solar Light Tower is powered by the sun, it is completely silent and does not vibrate. Preventive maintenance is no longer a problem with batteries that only need to be replaced every 5-7 years.

The Mobile Solar Light Tower comes in options, including floodlights, of the power and shape to meet your lighting needs. Light tower operating hours can be controlled with a timer to run from full sunset to dawn. The telescopic aluminum alloy pole is produced in varying heights of up to 9 meters, providing you with a wide field of view and illumination.

Depar Energy's mobile solar light towers are quiet, powerful and perfect for construction lighting, special events and other types of workspaces. Being as bright and effective as diesel towers, and with completely clean energy and quiet operation, mobile solar light towers are a frequently preferred way for field and area lighting needs.
‌Depar Enerji's solar light towers are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than other temporary lighting solutions. ‌Depar Enerji's portable solar light towers are ideal for construction and other construction sites, parking lots, special events such as weddings and other large gatherings, emergency response during natural disasters and mining sites.

Advantages of Solar Light Towers

  • Completely Silent
  • Does not need to be connected to the electricity grid
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Convenient — portable and mobile
  • Cost-effective compared to diesel light towers

Mobile Solar Light Tower for Construction And Area Lighting

Depar Energy's mobile solar light towers are a great solution when you need to move the lighting to another area or when there is excessive noise pollution on a construction site. Mobile solar light towers are the ideal solution when lighting needs to stay on 24 hours a day, but your construction site needs to keep noise pollution to a minimum.

With lights as bright as diesel-powered systems – and less costly given your expense on fuel – why not use the sun to provide light and power to your job sites and areas day and night?
‌No external power source is required when using mobile solar light towers. Sunlight is all you need, even the type of sunlight filtered out on heavily cloudy days.

These mobile solar light towers come in many different size configurations to suit most construction lighting situations. Depar Energy uses power-sealed, maintenance-free batteries that are automatically charged by adjustable solar panels. These batteries only need to be replaced every five to seven years.

Contact us for a Depar Energy Mobile Solar Light Tower, which is designed to use completely clean and renewable energy, with projector options that can provide light suitable for the area where lighting is needed and the job site. Let's choose the mobile solar light tower you need together.


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