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Pedestrian Bridge Lighting Systems

More footbridges are being built every day to ensure safe foot traffic in our cities. Pedestrian bridges are a good alternative to subways due to their ease of installation and low cost. In addition, people feel safer when they cross an open bridge.
Pedestrian bridges are illuminated by sunlight during the day, but need additional light at night. This lighting also makes pedestrians feel safer at night. It helps reduce crime rates.
Pedestrian bridges should be illuminated in the best way, both in terms of functionality and decorative elements.
General lighting on a pedestrian bridge is provided by lighting poles (3-4 meters) that are not too high to the edge of the crossing. It is also possible to make different layouts by using the structural elements of the bridge. For example, lighting elements that provide special light distribution to be placed on the pedestrian guardrail can also be provided with sufficient lighting. The important thing here is to provide sufficient lighting without disturbing pedestrians and creating light pollution.
In general, 5 lux light levels are recommended for pedestrian bridges and similar pedestrian walkways. Lighting at these levels creates a safe environment for pedestrians.
Decorative lighting is made by highlighting the architectural details of the bridge with light. This accent lighting is made with wall washer, floodlights, pixel LEDs, flex neon LEDs and similar lighting solutions.
A well-lit footbridge with harmonious colors can create a wonderful sight at night. Pedestrian bridges, which attract attention with their lighting, will be in the background of many photographs and will contribute to the promotion of the city.
Lighting elements used in pedestrian bridge lighting should be suitable for working outdoors. It should be resistant to water, dust and moisture. For energy saving, products with high light output and long service life should be preferred.


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