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Pole Glossary

Anchor Bolts: Steel bolts poured into concrete; It allows the pole to be fixed to the ground.
Banner Handles: Horizontal metal tabs function to support a banner.
Bottom Cover: Two piece metal cover placed at the bottom of the pole; the function is cosmetic - covers anchor bolts.
Base Plate: Welded to the base of the mast shaft; base plate allows the post to be mounted on anchor bolts
Bolt Circle: Measure diagonally from the center of one anchor bolt to another.
Bolt Square: Measure from one anchor bolt to the next adjacent anchor bolt.
Mushroom Barrier: Decorative pole used as a traffic or pedestrian barrier.
Drill Pattern: Special hole arrangement, usually drilled on the top of the post to allow fixture mounting.
EPA - Effective Projected Area: Used to calculate the loading of a pole; Every object mounted on a pole must have an EPA value.
Flange Plate: Connection plate between two posts.
Grounding Clause: Object, usually a bolt, mounted inside the pole to allow electrical grounding.
HSS: Hollow structure section.
Isotach Wind Map: The resulting wind map gives a 50-year wind speed for specific areas in the country.
Mounting Height: The height measured from ground level to the location of the luminaire.
Luminaire: The luminaire or lamp mounted on the pole.
Nut Cover: Plastic covers on anchor bolt nuts; It has a cosmetic function.
Powder Coating: A strong paint coating applied by spraying colored powder and baking it onto the surface of an object.
T-Base: Ballast housing.
Wall Thickness: It is the thickness of the pole shaft.


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