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SALT1250 SERIES 1250W Solar Light Tower with Wind Assisted

SALT1250 SERIES 1250W Solar Light Tower with Wind Assisted
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  • Model: SALT1250
  • SKU: DS-SALT1250


Lighting Fixtures
LED Floodlights 4 Units Soli Lighting AREA Series High Performance Floodlight
LED Lumen Value 33000lm
Power & Storage
Solar Panel Depar Solar High Efficiency 1250W Monocrystalline
Battery 8 x 12V 150Ah Depar Energie Solar Gel AGM Deep Cycle
Power Generation Solar + Wind + AC/Mains
Wind Power 24V 400W with Hybrid Charger
Capacity (Solar) 40A
Battery Capacity 12V 1200Ah (24V 600Ah)
Battery Bank Voltage 24VDC
AC Charger 240VAC - 24VDC
MPPT 2 pieces Depar Solar MPPT - Maximum Power Point Tracking

Solar Powered Mobile Light Tower
SALT Series
Model No: SALT1250

It only takes five minutes and only one unit to activate the product:

1. Park in the area where illumination will be applied.

2. Turn on the power unit.

3. Adjust the lift arms to achieve the desired lighting angle.

Our mobile light cart systems were easy to install in any environment where off-grid lighting is required.

Maximum energy harvesting, storage and minimum energy consumption with Depar Solar Solar panels, Depar Energie Batteries, Soli Lighting lighting fixtures.

Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions

Very durable inverters

MPPT charge controllers

Stainless steel fasteners and aluminum material

It offers full locking system and safe use


Solar panels should be easily cleaned regularly with just water.

Solar Batteries are maintenance free.

Click to download SALT1250 Datasheet

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