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Solar And Diesel Light Towers Usage Scenarios

De quel type de tour d'éclairage avez-vous besoin ?

Vous devez choisir un type d'éclairage pour la sûreté, la sécurité et pour que le travail se poursuive même après le coucher du soleil. Il existe une tour d'éclairage portable conçue pour vous fournir de la lumière chaque fois que vous en avez besoin pour votre travail.

Eh bien, de quel type de tour d'éclairage avez-vous besoin qui servira votre objectif et sera toujours avec vous quand vous en aurez besoin, comme le soleil qui se lève tous les jours, pendant que vous terminez votre travail ?

SCENARIO 1: A Dark Parking Lot

You're the boss, and you realize that it doesn't feel safe for employees to leave the workplace after dark because of your unlit workplace parking lot.

We can say that the lighting solution that can be provided with a light tower, which you can obtain as a remedy for this special need, is one of the easiest solutions to provide because of it'seasy installation and it does not require costly procedures such as installation of electrical equipment.

For this scenario, a light tower will completely answer all your needs. Depar Light Towers, which can be refueled with wind or diesel fuel and work with solar energy, are at your disposal with 500W, 750W, 960W, 1000W, 1250W, 1400W power options that you can specify according to the lighting you need.

SCENARIO 2: Construction of Inter-Provincial Highway Crossing

SCÉNARIO 2 : Construction d'un croisement routier interprovincial

Vous êtes l'entrepreneur chargé du resurfaçage d'un viaduc sur une autoroute, mais votre équipe de 15 personnes ne peut travailler que la nuit. Vous avez besoin de tours d'éclairage suffisamment larges pour permettre à chaque membre d'équipage de faire son travail en toute sécurité sans affecter le trafic qui passe, assurant ainsi sa propre sécurité.

La grande chose à propos de nos tours d'éclairage est la capacité d'éclairer les zones où la lumière est nécessaire. Ils ne distraient pas les conducteurs en émettant une lumière plus orientée vers le travail en cours.

SCENARIO 3: A Concert Festival

While lighting technicians deal with spotlights and visual effects, you, as a concert promoter or venue owner, are responsible for secondary lighting. This lighting has nothing to do with performances on stage, rather this need for lighting is concerned with ensuring the safe movement of festival attendees to concession areas, restrooms, and walkways to and from the parking lot.

It should be added that our solar powered light towers have the ability to keep running without refueling even during multi-day festivals.

We can say that the light tower is ideal for illuminating almost any space, regardless of whether it is required by local regulations or the venue itself. The wide range of lights shining in all directions is perfect for common areas, parking lots, walkways and areas of need. You can reduce shipping costs thanks to their quick and easy installation. With its durable design, you can ensure that the participants can enjoy the festival with confidence and peace in an illuminated environment.

SCENARIO 4: A Refinery or Mine

You are a refinery production supervisor or mining operations manager. Your crew is operating in a dark environment containing highly flammable chemicals or gases. They need a light tower with a bulb that won't get too hot or spark when turned off. It is clear that they also need a light tower that provides adequate illumination to see the ground, the anchoring and crash hazards, as well as the slip and trip hazards.

You don't want a diesel engine powered tower because of fuel exhaust. With our solar powered LED light towers, all you have to do is get a Depar Solar light tower that is strong enough to meet your needs without having to worry about exhaust.

Contact us about our light towers that will be with you in every working area and situation needed, like the scenarios above. Let's choose together which you need from our light towers, which have easy installation, low shipping costs, and a free energy source such as the sun.


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