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1000kW Industrial Type Solar Roof Solar Energy System - SOLARCOM1000

1000kW Industrial Type Solar Roof Solar Energy System - SOLARCOM1000
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  • Model: SOLARCOM1000


Energy Units
Power Generation 1000kW

Industrial Type Roof Solar Energy System


Model No: SOLARCOM1000

The cleanest way for businesses to save on electricity bills.

Industrial solar systems cover a variety of different types of customers and projects. In addition to businesses of different sizes, from large corporations to local small businesses, customers of "industrial" solar systems may also include governments, schools, universities and even nonprofits.

Industrial-grade solar system projects can take the form of roof arrays on buildings or ground installations and can range in size from kilowatts to megawatts. As Depar Energy, it has been serving hundreds of thousands of people with countless projects in more than 30 countries since 1984. With our experience in Solar Energy Systems and our tendency to adapt to new technologies, we are now the sector leader in the solar industry, which meets a significant portion of the world's energy needs.

You can reduce the energy bills of your business with us, with solar energy, which is completely silent and zero emission, clean energy, which you can safely use for many years without any additional fuel or maintenance other than the system. With Depar Solar High Conversion Rate Solar Panels, which are produced with high engineering in our Ankara factory, you can continue your business by using clean energy without polluting the future, which is one of our priorities as Depar Energy, without stealing from the future. Companies that can have strong corporate responsibility demonstrate their commitment to the people and communities they serve. One of the best ways to demonstrate this responsibility is by investing in renewable energy. Using clean, renewable energy helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

SOLARCOM Series Industrial Type Roof Solar Energy System reduces your operating costs. It is maintenance free, all you have to do is keep the solar panels clean and dust free. It provides fast depreciation with high quality system components.

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