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SOLARCAM SERIES SOLARCAM1400 Mobile Solar Camera Surveillance System

SOLARCAM SERIES SOLARCAM1400 Mobile Solar Camera Surveillance System
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  • Model: SOLARCAM1400


Power & Storage
Solar Panel Depar Solar High Efficiency 00W Monocrystalline
Battery 12V 00Ah Depar Energie Solar Gel AGM Deep Cycle
Power Generation Solar + Generator + Wind (Optional)
Wind Power 500W (Optional)
Capacity (Solar) 40A
Battery Capacity 12V 00Ah
Battery Bank Voltage 24VDC
MPPT Depar Solar MPPT - Maximum Power Point Tracking

Mobile Solar Camera Surveillance System
Model No: SOLARCAM1400

Depar Solar® solar panels with high conversion rate with reliable quality and long service life are produced together with Depar Energie® energy storage type high-capacity lithium battery bank. The system is supported by Depar Solar® capacitors at the cutting edge of technology to store density and electrical energy.

Solar power generation is the main energy source of the entire system. The size of the solar source system is based on the total power consumption of the load equipment and the average annual sunlight.

Many users have a misconception that the camera is powered by a solar cell module, but the cctv system is powered by a battery. The battery is the energy source needed to maintain the system in the absence of sunlight.

The system is already equipped to work on long rainy and cloudy days. Energy generation with wind energy is optionally available.

The power cut and the battery independent power supply time are set for 4 cloudy days autonomy.

The system reduces the power consumption of the camera while meeting night vision.

SOLARCAM Mobile Solar Camera Surveillance System can save electricity costs every year; The electricity cost is impressive, especially for large projects with a large number of points.

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