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Solar Waste Water Pump - AKANA Series 1801D-22h-ES

Solar Waste Water Pump - AKANA Series 1801D-22h-ES
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  • Model: 1801D-22h-ES
  • Weight: 420.00kg


Technicial Specifications
Body Robust all-in-one skid mount cabin
Coating Hot dip galvanized, Anti-static Coating & Powder Paint
Tire / Wheels Optional color
Stabilization D Rings, Crane Eyes
Type Rotatable and lockable vertical electric light mast-Galvanized
Mast Optional
Mast Fixture Optional
Mast Opr. Optional
Energy Units
Solar Power 1000W Mono in two groups mounted on adjustable platform with manual positioning
Battery Storage Deep Cycle Battery 12V 800Ah/24V 400Ah w/state of charge meter and 2 MPPT charge controllers.
Battery Compartment Lockable Storage Compartment
Full Charge Usage 8 Hours Non-Stop Pumping (8 hour energy storage, overheat is not considered here)
Power Generation Solar + AC/Mains Charge
Wind Power Optional
Generator / Gasoline Optional
Pump Features
Pump Power 1.1kW
Water Intake 2''
H (maximum) 17 meter
Capacity 22mc/h
Voltage 230V
Version Semi - Trash
Fixture Stainless Steel - Inox 304
Extra For sewage and dirty waters with special impeller and special mechanical seal, inspection door on suction valve and wear disc
Charging and Storage
Capacity Solar - 40A
Technology 1pcs MPPT - Maximum Power Point Tracking
Battery Capacity 12V 800Ah (24V 400Ah)
Battery Bank Voltage 24VDC
AC/Mains Charger DC 30A Charger
Solar Panel Mount Angled manual mounting
DC Electrical System Breakers for Solar array, pump and electrical sys. Optional multiple unit linking system
DC Charge Dual 2A Emergency USB Charger
DC Cabling Solar Cable & MC4 Connectors
SOC Meter (State of Charge) 1 pcs LCD Display (also remote meter for charge system)
Cooling Fan Temperature Controlled

 Solar Waste Water Pump - AKANA Series 1801D-22h-ES

Deployable Solar Trash Water Pumping with Extended Storage up to 8 hours non-stop pumping

Dimensions : W X L X H
                         1.00m x 0.80m x 1.10m
Weight : 420kg
Color : Unit White in color or Military Yellow Tan/Green
Documentation : Parts List, Installation Manual, Maintenance Manual, Operation & Safety Manual

Warranty : 2 year full warranty including batteries, 5 year parts warranty excluding batteries 


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