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High mast floodlight lighting is the most efficient method for illuminating large areas at airports. Depar Energy, which is the industry leader in high mast lighting, has achieved this privilege by working with many airports around the world, with continuous development, investment and innovation. Our experience is hidden in the number of poles we have erected and our uniqueness in the many different environments where we have installed them over the past 38 years.


- To illuminate large areas with minimum cost
- A complete design, manufacture and installation package
- High Masts can be used in tight spaces and does not require a large area to be cleaned
- Unique patented double drum winch that can be adjusted individually on each drum
- Mast shaft at any height from 10m to 60m, which we manufacture according to your request
- Post and fittings can be kept at ground level for added safety
- Minimal maintenance required with sealed lifetime bearings in the mast pulleys
- Fast lifting and lowering system
- Lightweight and portable power tool that can be easily moved to inaccessible areas
- Remote start


Depar Enerji's design philosophy for High Masts is to eliminate all items that require service from the mast head. Therefore, we recommend the tension system using double or triple drum winches.

Depar Energy patented system.

• Factory supplied and terminated - so there is no need for on-site cutting or termination of ropes.
• There is no cumbersome divider or balancing device as the Depar Energy system allows each winch drum to be operated separately for adjustment
• The top of the pole has sheave bearings that are sealed for life - so no maintenance • No catches - no ratchet means no moving parts at the top of the pole. High Poles are rarely lowered and raised, and latching systems often do not open due to corrosion, airborne debris or birds. Once the lantern ring is attached to the top pegs, it is expensive to fix, either with the sky tower or by lowering the mast. Latch designs do not hold the lantern ring tightly to the docking point, and vibration from the wind can severely shorten lamp and lantern life.
Depar Enerji is confident that our raising and lowering system will work properly even after a long period of inactivity. A trust built on thirty-eight experience and thousands of pillars.


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