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Stadium and Field Lighting Poles

For outdoor courts or courts, sports lighting is indispensable because this field and facilities are required for use all year round, especially at night. It is useful in many ways for sports with stadium lighting and field lighting. Local sports facilities provide a place where people can not only play and watch sports, but also become active, socialize and exercise their pets themselves. Throughout Turkey, there is an increasing demand for these facilities to have sufficient lighting to meet all participation needs.

Sports field lighting allows it to be used in winter and at night. Commonly known as projector lighting, the main issue when designing this lighting solution is the quality and quantity of light needed in the field. To get the right amount of illumination, special poles designed to fit the correct lighting configurations and lighting requirements are required.

Design Features

Depar Energy has been installing special design, production and sports lighting solutions in Turkey for more than 45 years. We understand the importance of not only getting the lighting right, but also all other design aspects including maintenance, safety and aesthetic appeal.

Mast Height and Field Position

All posts must be at least five meters from the edge of the pitch or playing field. The mast height can be from 2 meters to 30 meters. The length of the field and the distance that the light needs to reach are evaluated from different angles in the environment and the necessary factors are fulfilled and the lighting project is adjusted accordingly.
Conical and Polygonal Poles are suitable for large areas such as sports fields or stadiums and allow the installation of multiple light assemblies with multiple sets of lighting control gear integrated into the base of the pole.
Here we have compiled a comprehensive list outlining the pillar size and heights that should be considered, which you can see.


Safe Climbing System can be attached to the posts to aid ongoing maintenance. This allows maintenance workers to secure themselves with a seat belt attached to a secure cable running along the mast.
Installing an Anti-Climb System can be a good option to prevent vandals from damaging lighting and other equipment at the top of the mast.
Lightning rods can also be installed on the stadium pole to protect the equipment from lightning strikes. These help ground possible lightning strikes without damaging the lights and the structure.

Light Power and Glare

When we say light light, we mean the spread of the lighting to residential areas or other infrastructures such as roads and railways. There are also limitations in artificial lighting where spaces are close to natural wildlife habitat areas. The light power should have a limited effect on the surrounding environment and should be taken into account in the planning stages of the project.
Glare may be common somewhere in the field at times due to the different heights and angles of participants and spectators. However, setting the angle correctly is the most important issue in planning the direction and height of the lighting, as this will affect the abilities of the participants and the viewing pleasure of the audience.


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