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Traffic Signal Poles

Traffic Signal Lights

Depar Enerji offers a complete range of historical and contemporary decorative traffic poles. Our products are an excellent choice for city center reconstruction, residential neighborhoods, historical and urban areas. Our designers offer a wide range of configurations that combine both traffic and lighting applications that meet rigorous government standards.
Various corrugated sectional shapes from 8, 12 or 16 grooves per pole. Complete decorative post covers, cast nut covers, channel slides and cast bases. Configured to your specifications to improve safety and junction appearance.

Standard Steel Traffic Signal Lights

We offer a complete line of standard steel traffic poles that combine functionality with clean, simple lines.

Available with standard fixed connection or uniquely adjustable clamp connection.

Straight or curved pole arms with and without additional armature arms

Complete packages tailored to your needs and load requirements

Highway Traffic & Signal Poles

As a traffic signal pole manufacturer, Depar Enerji provides structural supports for highway signs, lighting fixtures and traffic signals. Our traffic signal poles are specially designed to provide heavy-duty support for highway signs. These traffic sign bridges and associated structures can be built to meet the needs of most existing projects.
We are experts in traffic signal poles, which are produced according to special conditions, designed to withstand strong winds, which are widely used in Antalya. Additionally, traffic signal poles that are designed and engineered to withstand the load of snow and ice are widely used in our eastern regions where it snows heavily.

Galvanized Traffic Signal Poles

Galvanized traffic signal poles and combined signal and lighting poles are resistant to corrosion. Depar Energy will galvanize your high lighting poles upon your request.

Painted Traffic Signal Poles

Painted traffic signal poles are another finishing option.
We are the right address for the Ministry of Transport traffic and signal lighting poles built according to the exact specifications of the municipalities. The poles can be supplied in a decorative urban application with a galvanized coating, paint over galvanized coating, or a factory coat paint finish.

Design isn't just what it looks and feels like, it's also how the product works. We also build special decorative signal poles in line with the designer's vision. From decorative cast bases to custom colors, the only limit is your imagination. Decorative signal poles are available in round, octagonal, hexagonal or slotted shafts and pole sleeves.


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