The use of solar energy continues to increase in popularity. The biggest advantage of investing in solar powered luminaires is the reduction they can make on your energy bill by consuming less power. They also require very little maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning. Solar powered lights often have photocells, so you don't have to worry about turning them on at night or off in the morning. Let's review some tips for getting the most out of sunlight.

It is important to place your solar panels in the best spot to power your solar LED fixture. Find a spot that gets little or ideally no shade during the day. This ensures that it gets a full charge by sunset. Make sure the solar panels are not facing west to east. If the panels are facing either of these directions, you will have missed half a day's worth of energy as the solar passes behind the panel. If you live north of the equator, your solar panels should face south and vice versa for those south of the equator. With a slope of 45 degrees, this placement will help maximize the amount of solar energy collected. When the lighting technology of the future is combined with LEDs, you can have a system that can respond perfectly to your every need and whenever you need lighting, regardless of the electrical network.

With its long days and short nights, it's easy to guess that the best season for solar power is summer. However, there are ways to help the other 3 seasons increase productivity. In the spring it will be enough to simply remove dust and pollen. Be sure to use a damp paper towel that does not contain any soap or cleaning solution as this can damage the panels.

Autumn is the time when cleaning up fallen leaves is an additional task. Winter is a somewhat problematic season when it comes to solar energy, as the days to recharge are shorter and the nights are longer. Here's a trick that can help you increase how much sunlight reaches your solar panels; use mirror. If possible with your setup, install a mirror parallel to the ground in front of the panel. This allows sunlight that would normally strike the panel to be reflected directly from the mirror and returned to the panel. And just like in other seasons, you will have to clear the dust, dirt and snow in winter.

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