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Decorative Poles

Decorative lighting poles are vital for urban transformation. It creates a distinctive sense of community, provides a luxurious aesthetic and attracts style-conscious customers to refurbished retail developments. Depar Energy offers a wide variety of steel, aluminum decorative lighting poles and lamp posts. They are often the choice of designers who want an urban look or urban planners who want durability and ease of maintenance. In line with your request, we offer decorative pole options from our product catalog or we will be happy to make a special design for you. Lighting designers, architects, city and transport planners rely on our engineering expertise to create decorative lighting posts, lamp posts and accessories that reflect their different visions.
As Depar Energy, we can offer you standard poles or decorative poles with our wide range of products. Whether it is a residential area or a city that enlivens the streets with lights, Depar Enerji offers a complete lighting solution and strengthens its solution with customized accessories.

We Are The Best In Functional Good Look

Our poles can be painted according to your request and the design you want can be made. Our poles are offered with decorative brackets made of Cast Iron. These poles can also be presented with LED luminaires with different watt ranges.
Decorative lighting poles are produced in lengths from 2.5 meters to 4.0 meters. It can also be produced in any other special length according to the customer's requirement.
Depar Enerji is committed to providing a solution based on customized design. While deciding on our solutions, it plans to give the whole city a decorative appearance by getting ideas from architects and institutions related to city planning. Our poles can be painted in any color tone using our Powder Coating facility.
Our in-house foundry for Cast Iron Castings helps save time and also maintains tight control over the process. Molds are made using CNC mold machines.
3D printers are used for Advanced Modeling. Our main idea is to remain flexible and offer different solutions. Our engineers, with their experience in every field, have the capacity to implement our solutions.

Depar Energy, which is within the body of Depar Group with a history of 38 years, is here to produce the lighting poles you need in the fastest way with the right cost and to realize the designs you have in mind.

Which Style Lighting Pole Is More Suitable For Your Area?

When considering decorative pillars for street lighting, we take time to examine the surrounding space. To create a visually appealing effect, it is necessary to choose a style that complements existing outdoor luminaires and lighting poles. If it is desired to choose a different style to define the zones or to add variety to the zone, we avoid a design that contrasts significantly with existing luminaires and posts. We shape our project by choosing complementary colors. We don't want to bother the human eye with too much contrast in lighting styles.
Choosing a decorative item can sometimes be a bit of a gamble. You may be indecisive about how long certain trends will last, but still want to avoid an overall view. Reproduction antique street lighting poles are the perfect solution to this dilemma. They are elegant and stylish enough to stand the test of time. However, they also make an outdoor space visually pleasing.
Depar Energy is the perfect place to start looking for decorative lighting poles. We have decorative poles and street lighting options in a variety of antique-looking designs. Contractors, builders and designers can contact us right away.

How Safe and Durable Are Decorative Lighting Poles?

The safety and durability of any street lighting solution you choose is also important. The brightness of the emitted light will depend on the height of the mast itself as well as the source. The reliability of the lighting source is also a factor. High pressure sodium (HPS) lighting dulls and darkens over time. As a result, the area illuminated by these sources may not be as safe as other brightly lit areas.
Durability is another important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a decorative lighting pole. Long-lasting sticks are lighting poles that require very little maintenance and can withstand extreme weather changes. That's why contractors, builders and designers often prefer cast aluminum or steel solutions. These materials are strong and lightweight and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.


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