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Uses of Light Tower on Construction and Work Sites

A mobile light tower consists of wiring and electrical wiring, a level light tower mast, and one or more lamps inside a generator body; The generator body assembly is equipped to power the tractor with 4 walking wheels, fall arrest brackets and a diesel/gasoline generator or solar panels and batteries. The mast of the light tower mast can be raised and lowered by means of a crane or hydraulic device. The lamps are placed on the pole and each lamp can rotate horizontally and vertically to illuminate in multiple directions.

The mobile light tower has been developed to meet the needs of large-area high-brightness lighting in a variety of large-scale construction operations, accident sites, emergency rescue and disaster relief construction sites such as railways, electrical industries and public safety.

The mobile light tower consists of varying quantities of high-efficiency energy-saving LED or metal halide lamps, each lamp can meet the needs of obtaining 360° all-round lighting according to the situation. It is an essential element of construction sites and construction sites thanks to its enhanced durability and superior lighting capability thanks to the large number of options now available.

Often times, your project doesn't follow a 9-to-5 work schedule and daytime hours turn into night shifts. Therefore, many projects require mobile lighting solutions such as light towers. The Solar Light Towers we produce as Depar Energy are mobile light towers that are much more mobile and more useful than those with generators, since they use green energy, that is, only solar panels and batteries, instead of any engine.

However, whatever you decide on, it's critical to understand where you need to light and why it's necessary for your application.

Choosing the Power Source

The most common power source is a diesel powered light tower. Sometimes your job site may be in a remote location with limited or no access to electrical power. While diesel powered light towers are common, it's important to consider models that offer lower fuel consumption or larger fuel tank capacity to avoid constant refueling. This will not only reduce the environmental footprint, but will also help ensure that the project is cost-effective, as the fuel burned on a project is typically the largest expense.

If your workspace has easy access to an electrical power source, you may want to consider electric-only light towers, which represent the latest groundbreaking technology due to their exceptional plug and light capabilities. These towers allow users to easily connect any power source such as a small portable generator or generator directly to the grid.

Some electric light towers also offer the advantage of modular connectivity, allowing multiple light towers to be linked together and powered by a single generator. This provides greater service and maintenance efficiency without having multiple engines and helps increase your budget and efficiency.

However, it is important to note that while it is easy to connect multiple units together to cover a large area, a single electric light tower can illuminate an area of ​​up to 9.5 square feet, which is much lower than diesel powered ones.
In addition, solar-powered or solar-assisted technology introduced is a new alternative. Not having to pay for your fuel supply certainly has some benefits.

As lighting, before deciding between LED and halide, and especially for someone who is not aware of the latest mobile light tower technologies, we recommend that they first evaluate the area and square meters that need to be illuminated, and the intensity of the lighting needed. Check out the diagrams below to see how LED light tower differs from metal halide. LED lights also typically use 25% of the energy wattage draw compared to a halide bulb, regarding potential fuel consumption.

It is very important to look at the application to choose the best pole for a project's needs. For example, a hydraulic mast is ideal if the mobile light tower is used in a time sensitive construction project. This is because the mast can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button, helping to reduce downtime and increase productivity through simpler, safer and faster operation.

Which Option Will You Choose?

Ultimately, the choice of a mobile light tower depends on the individual needs of the end users. Customers are encouraged to work with competent and experienced local equipment dealers to ensure they select the right product for their particular application.

In this process, it is important to consider all variables such as the location where the light tower will be deployed, the job site and construction working environment and environmental conditions, the power supply, the size of the site and the required coverage.

Contact us for a mobile light tower offer that suits you. Feel the difference in quality and experience by working with Depar Energy, which is a leading mobile light tower manufacturer in the sector with its 37 years of experience and working with more than 30 countries.


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